Overcoming Hustle Culture

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Hustle culture is a lifestyle that teaches people that working is the only way to be successful and earn the respect of others, requiring that you squeeze every ounce of energy and productivity out of the workday, often at the expense of your health, family, friendships, or hobbies. 

Have you experienced this in your work?  Where professional awards or advancement are based on the availability of employees, on never taking time off, and on always saying yes to additional work and projects. 

And there is a huge cost to living in a hustle mindset, a cost to your health, your relationships, and your productivity. 

A 2017 research study in the American Journal of Industrial Medicine found that working 61 to 70 hours a week increased the risk of coronary heart disease by 42%. Working 71 to 80 hours heightens the risk to 63%. 

A recent World Health Organization found that anxiety and depression disorders lead to a $1 trillion per year loss in productivity. 

Have you felt guilty when you participate in non-work activities or anything for leisure?

There is another way, this webinar will introduce 3 powerful secrets to overcoming hustle culture and start healing from burnout. 

Do you label them as non-productive, making you more prone to burnout?

Are you ready to break up with Hustle Culture?