Renew You!

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Words saying: What are people saying about programs with Dr. Kate?
Loved the SSRSW model from your research and pacing to be able to process how to think about it.
Thank you for practical, useful and easy to digest information
Loved your program! So timely personally & professionally.
Dr. Kate provided the vocabulary to describe what we all have been feeling. She gave the group the tools to recognize, recover from, and prevent burnout. Every participant found value in her workshop and committed to making small changes in their daily routines to better manage the stressful events in their lives.
From the first meeting, she gave me tips and perspectives on treating the burnout I was experiencing and preventing future crispiness. I immediately began waking up with gratitude, setting up boundaries, enforcing said boundaries, and planning real me-time and self-care so I didn't feel like work, dissertation and single-motherhood were winning the war of attrition. I worked through my triggers. I learned to say "no". I feel stronger, braver, and more capable because of  Dr. Kate's help.