The Great Reset Workshop Series

Have you been a part of the Great Resignation? Or maybe you have just thought about seeking out something new for work. I have always found the summer months to be a great time for reflection and resetting. There seems to be a natural transition in August into the fall term whether you are still in school or not. Join me for this free workshop series to support you in resetting.

Feeling Crispy? Tuesday, July 19th, 12 pm EDT/9 am PDT

Burnout was a career factor before the pandemic and increased as professionals provided emotional support while maintaining a façade of calm, confidence, grace, and patience. How do you create space for yourself and show up for your students, colleagues, friends, and family? In this session, you will be introduced to a model that builds resilience to burnout. This is not about finding balance; you will learn to observe your wellness, prepare for burn events and recover in your personal way.

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Drawing the Line, Tuesday, July 26th, 12 pm EDT/9 am PDT

Setting and communicating our boundaries and non-negotiables is an important part of both burnout recovery and building resilience to future burn events. This workshop will walk participants through a values exercise to help them determine their must-haves and must not have in regard to maintaining their healthiest selves. In addition, this workshop will cover communication skills to support participants in their ability to share their expectations with other humans in their lives.

The replay for Drawing the Line has expired – Still interested? Invest in lifetime access for $47.00. You will receive all of the workshop videos and special bonuses.

Overcoming Hustle Culture, Tuesday, August 2nd, 12 pm EDT/9 am PDT

Hustle culture is a lifestyle that teaches people that working is the only way to be successful and earn the respect of others, requiring that you squeeze every ounce of energy and productivity out of the workday, often at the expense of your health, family, friendships, or hobbies. And there is a huge cost to living in a hustle mindset, a cost to your health, your relationships, and your productivity. There is another way to live a more peaceful and intentionally productive life. This workshop will cover tips on how to slow down and remove the guilt that you may experience when you rest.

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Combat Your 24/7 Mindset, Tuesday, August 9th, 12 pm EDT/9 am PDT

Do you feel like you have to be responsive to work 24/7? Maybe part of your job requires you to be on-call. Being on-call heightens anxiety and stress, dismisses your ability to sleep well, and can take a toll on your mental and physical wellbeing. This workshop will address the mindsets we hold about work, availability, value, and productivity. Alternate view points and tips on how to be less available with support you in putting down the on-call phone (so to speak).

Replay Video of Combat The 24/7 Mindset, workshop 4 in The Great Reset Workshop Series Available here until August 25th – Want lifetime access and special bonuses? Click the button below.

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