My Philosophy

“I was the very worst version of myself” Looking back on my own experience with full-on burnout I believe that I had lost all the pieces that I love most about myself. I wasn’t playful, fun, caring, or kind; instead, I was angry, hurt, short-tempered, and reactive. People in my life started to disengage and it seemed very clear that they were uncomfortable being around me. Rightly so, I was basically in a perpetual state of hangry. 

My recognition of my burnout came from an interaction with my mom. Have you ever watched someone’s heart, break for you? I have, as I saw the tears in her eyes and her voice her desire to help me be a happier, healthier version of myself. I knew that I needed to make a change and that start my own recovery journey and with the help of a professional I found my way back to the version of me that brings me the most joy. 

Now, my calling is to help others recover from their burnout. I have spent over 15 years research and developing a new model addressing burnout, career longevity, and wellness. 

I do not believe that you can avoid burnout. You can implement wellness practices and rituals to identify, prepare, and recovery from burn events. Burn events and feelings of burnout are part of the human condition and we have to incorporate our response into our daily life. We should not feel shame when we experience these natural emotions. I work from a person-centered perspective and your time with me is focused on you and your goals.

My methods are based on the Steiner Self-Reflection Sustainability and Wellness (SSRWS) Model. Working with me you will learn how to observe and identify burn events and crispy behaviors.

By working with me you will create an individualized wellness plan and form paths of recovery following burn events. Based heavily on self-reflection practices you will learn how to incorporate the model into your everyday rituals and behaviors. Interested? Book your Burnout Recovery Strategy Session below.