Burnout Recovery for your Company, Employees, and Students

75% of people have experienced burnout at work, with 40% saying they’ve experienced burnout specifically during the pandemic. This is not surprising, given that 37% of employed respondents say they are currently working longer hours than usual since the pandemic started. – Flex Jobs 2021

Are you seeing a decrease in motivation and energy in your employees? Struggling with employee retention and turnover?

Are you ready to offer practical action steps to address employee mental wellbeing?

Learn research backed practices meant to decrease employee burnout so that they maintain longevity in
their career.

Develop personal plans to observe, plan and recover from burn events to create healthier work spaces.

Create work/life integration, not work/life balance allowing employees to be mentally present in their work.

Implement daily, weekly, and ongoing burnout recovery practices to create constant practices and build resilience against burnout.

About Dr. Kate Steiner

Supports professionals who are burdened by burnout to recovery through a guided reflection process.

Creator of the research-based Steiner Self-Reflective Sustainability and Wellness (SSRSW) model.

Author of the “Burnout: A Guide for Every Professional to Identify, prepare and Recover Their Joy.”

Host of the From Burnout to Recovery Show with Dr. Kate.

Doctoral level trained in counselor education and supervision.

Researcher in wellness and burnout for over 15 years.

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