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I know the hurt you feel when you are in burnout and I know the importance of having someone by your side as you recover. As your Burnout Recovery Coach I will be here to support, challenge, and keep you accountable to your goals.

All Coaching Programs include the following:

  • 50-minute individual coaching sessions twice a month.
  • Access to office hours (3 hours available every week).
  • Unlimited email support.
  • Implementation Labs – held every month these are deep-dive training addressing specific areas in burnout recovery.
  • Weekly Renewal Tracker – A reflection form to ensure alignment with your goals.


Rejuvenation is a 12-month program. We start with your immediate recovery from Burnout. Once in a healthier space, we start to build your ability to identify burn events, prepare for them, and create a sustainable recovery plan. This program is best for those who have been in burnout long term and are considering a career transition in order to address these feelings.



Revitalization provides continuous support for those who are in burnout or considering a career transition when starting the program. The 8 months of the coaching program will provide you with the support needed to build additional resilience so that burn events do not spiral back into full-on burnout.



During Resurgence we will focus on your immediate recovery from burnout and start the process to identify and prepare for burn events within your life and career. You will experience a shift in your mind-set in approaching burnout recovery. The timing of this program is important, it takes 90 days to establish a new habit, the final month is extra support to ensure you continue your new habit of burnout recovery.


Dr. Kate truly helped me start my journey to recovering from burn events, and I know how much she will be able to help you as a client.

— Individual Coaching Client

If you are experiencing burnout you do not want to turn down the chance to work with Dr. Kate. She is caring, empathetic, and knowledgeable. But even more important she challenged me to change my mindset and approach to burn events. She helped me to establish better boundaries and communicate them to my supervisor. That change helped me regain my joy for my work.

— Individual Coaching Client