Women in a tea shop, sitting a table with a laptop, writing in a book and smiling at the camera.

You are a successful professional. But somewhere along the way, you have lost the joy and connection you once felt toward your career.

You feel overloaded, overwhelmed, and burned out. By working with me, you will be able to choose again to be your best self instead of being burdened by the default choice of burnout.


Rejuvenation is a 12-month program. We start with your immediate recovery from Burnout. Once in a healthier space, we start to build your ability to identify burn events, prepare for them, and create a sustainable recovery plan. This program is best for those who have been in burnout long term and are considering a career transition in order to address these feelings.

Investment Level: $6,200


Revitalization provides continuous support for those who are in burnout or considering a career transition when starting the program. The 8 months of the coaching program will provide you with the support needed to build additional resilience so that burn events do not spiral back into full-on burnout.

Investment Level: $4,400


During Resurgence we will focus on your immediate recovery from burnout and start the process to identify and prepare for burn events within your life and career. You will experience a shift in your mind-set in approaching burnout recovery. The timing of this program is important, it takes 90 days to establish a new habit, the final month is extra support to ensure you continue your new habit of burnout recovery.

Investment Level: $2,700


Dr. Kate truly helped me start my journey to recovering from burn events, and I know how much she will be able to help you as a client.

If you are experiencing burnout you do not want to turn down the chance to work with Dr. Kate. She is caring, empathetic, and knowledgeable. But even more important she challenged me to change my mindset and approach to burn events. She helped me to establish better boundaries and communicate them to my supervisor. That change helped me regain my joy for my work.

Before one of the “Crispy” webinars, I felt all sorts of burnt out. I had constant anxiety around the clock, seldom, restless sleep and a hypercritical voice in my head telling me I was doing everything wrong, that’s why everything was so hard. I woke up miserable and went to bed much the same. I attended the Crispy webinar and already felt like Dr. Kate was seeing me, really seeing me, like, hidden camera seeing me 🙂 I set up a one on one call and talked her through all of what I was carrying. When she touched base with me about a short term program, I knew it was meant to be. From the first meeting, she gave me tips and perspectives to treating the burnout I was experiencing and preventing future crispiness. I immediately began waking up with gratitude, setting up boundaries, enforcing said boundaries, and planning real me-time and self-care so I didn’t feel like work, dissertation and single-motherhood were winning the war of attrition. I worked through my triggers. I learned to say “no”. I feel stronger, braver, and more capable because of Dr. Kate’s help.