Reclaim Institute

Reclaim Your Joy & Heal From Burnout so you can flourish!

Reclaim Institute has been reformatted into a half day program called Restore You!

Have you been waking up with a sense of dread, burden, overwhelm, or sadness? 

How many times in the past year did you dishonor yourself by not following through with self-care or burnout recovery plans?

I’ve been there and even this last year struggling with the idea of that helping others should come before supporting myself. Over this last year working with clients I realized that we need to address burnout head-on and here is our starting point.  

📣 Announcing Reclaim Institute! This 6-week course (April 25th – June 5th, Bonus session on June 15th) will set you on the path to reclaiming your joy, passion, and happiness. 

Invest in yourself, so you find a sense of recovery and develop a plan to be more resilient to future burnout experiences. 

This program is right for you if:

🤚You are ready to wake up each day with energy and a sense of joy, so that you no longer need 5 cups of coffee just to get out the door.

🤚🏻You want to reclaim the passion and connection you once felt to your work, so that you feel sense of harmony in all areas of your life.

🤚🏾You are a successful professional but feel overwhelmed, disconnected, and burdened by your work.

🤚🏿You know that you are worth the investment to reclaim ownership  of your life because you are no longer willing to live under the burden of burnout.

Reclaim is a 6-week digital course, including 7 weeks of live training and group coaching.

VIP Experience

  • 6 weeks of easy to digest content to support you in building your burnout recovery plan. (valued at $1750) – Lifetime access to the content!
  • Weekly Recovery Moments – Guided reflections only available in Reclaim Institute. (valued at $500)
  • Full color worksheets for each lesson (valued at $125)
  • Email support and accountability to help keep you on track. (valued at $350)
  • Bonus Offering – Feeling Crispy? A Guide to Burnout Recovery full color ebook (version only available course participants – (valued at $15.00)
  • Bonus Offering – Unlimited text support. (valued at $500)
  • Bonus Offering- Seven live weekly training and group coaching on zoom and replay (valued at $2250) Wednesdays 3 pm EDT

Total value of $5,490 for one payment of $497.00 or two payments of $257.00

Course Content

Week One: Introduction, Burn Events vs. Burnout, and Understanding our Stress Responses.

Naming burnout is the first step to gaining control over our experience with burnout. This module will help you in naming and navigating your resentments. The reality is that it often takes us a long time to realize that we are in burnout. Understanding our stress responses helps us have indicators that help us recognize burnout much faster, leading us to implement recovery faster.

Week Two: Identifying Burn Events and why it is important.

Knowing and understanding when our Burn Events occur helps us to better prepare and have a plan of action for recovery during those know stressful times. The module will take you through an assessment process for identifying your burn events and then how to implement a plan to address them.

Week Three: Your Overall Wellness

This module covers 6 key areas of wellness that impact our overall wellbeing. We use our wellness practice to help us identify what we need to feel our happiest, healthiest selves. These key areas also show up in how we prepare for burn events and how we recover. This module gives a foundation that you can use to further build your plan.

Week Four: Setting Your Boundaries

Setting boundaries is one of the most important steps you can take to end the cycle of burnout. And setting and keeping those boundaries can be hard when you already feel overwhelmed. This module will guide you through assessing what you want your boundaries to look like, what you self-expectations are, and how to have boundary setting conversations with the people in your life.

Week Five: Establishing Your Recovery Formulas

Burnout is unavoidable. This process that you learn in Reclaim is how to recognize it faster, prepare for it, and recover on a consistent basis. This module focuses on the creation of your recovery plan. You will learn how to incorporate recovery into your daily life, so you no longer are waiting for the weekend, the holiday, or vacation to get some rest and relief.

Week Six: Committing to Implementing Your Plan

There is a cycle to stress and burnout. This module supports you in committing to your recovery plan. You will learn how to assess your plan and adjust based on your current life needs. Burnout recovery is a practice, here you learn how to take the skills you’ve developed over the last 5 weeks and implement them for your future.

Bonus Live Training: Graduation!

Photo with a woman at a laptop computer, smiling toward the camera.
Words saying: What are people saying about programs with Dr. Kate?
Loved the SSRSW model from your research and pacing to be able to process how to think about it.
Thank you for practical, useful and easy to digest information
Loved your program! So timely personally & professionally.
Dr. Kate provided the vocabulary to describe what we all have been feeling. She gave the group the tools to recognize, recover from, and prevent burnout. Every participant found value in her workshop and committed to making small changes in their daily routines to better manage the stressful events in their lives.
From the first meeting, she gave me tips and perspectives on treating the burnout I was experiencing and preventing future crispiness. I immediately began waking up with gratitude, setting up boundaries, enforcing said boundaries, and planning real me-time and self-care so I didn't feel like work, dissertation and single-motherhood were winning the war of attrition. I worked through my triggers. I learned to say "no". I feel stronger, braver, and more capable because of  Dr. Kate's help.

Would you like even more support? Join Reclaim Institute Elite.

Would some additional support help you in your journey to Burnout Recovery? Elite members will receive 1-1 coaching throughout the program, in addition to the group live training and coaching. 

Elite members will receive a 30-minute session in weeks 2 and 4, and a 50-minute session during week 6 (Value at $2,250) 

Bonus Offering – Access to weekly office hours (2 hours/per week) for additional check-in time and accountability (Value at $3,500)

A total additional value of $5,750 for an additional payment of $430.00

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this course. Registration opens on April 11th and closes on May 13th. In order to keep this experience intimate space is limited.