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Summer Solstice – Reset and Recovery Week Three Emotional Rest

As we continue my series for an intentional “do nothing” summer, we will continue to look at how we can have an intentionally restful summer. This week for #SummerReset and #SummerRecovery we are thinking about how we take intentional rest for our Emotional Wellness. Our Emotional Wellness incorporates how we interact and connect with our feelings and mental states. This includes the level to which you need to identify and express your emotions to feel at your best mentally. Here are five ways that you can take intentional rest for your emotional well-being. 

  • Journal – At some point this week, give yourself a quiet space to free write for at least 5 minutes. Set a timer and write down each and every thought you have, let your writing utensil flow freely with your thoughts. Journaling, especially when done by hand, is helpful in identifying and releasing feelings and emotions. 
  • Check in with a professional – When was the last time you checked in with a therapist, counselor, coach, pastor, or other professional for a check-up on your emotional health? Most of us follow through with our preventative care for our physical health but often do not do the same for our mental and emotional health. Creating this space as a preventative measure makes it more accessible for you when you need the care or are in crisis. Not sure where to start and ready to take action – schedule your complimentary 30-minute wellness audit with me
  • Redefine and reestablish your boundaries – Spend some time considering what, if any, changes and adjustments you need to make to your current boundaries. Specifically, consider what you need from your support network, family members, work colleagues, etc. to maintain emotional health? 
  • Free expression break – When was the last time you screamed out in frustration, anger, or hurt? When was the last time you cried either out of joy or sadness? Spend a moment this week to not just name your feelings but allow for full expression of them. I like to use the inside of my car when I am driving by myself and just let all the curse words fly. You can also use a movie that always gets you into your feelings, my top picks are Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice. Shout out to Jane Austen fans!
  • Heart to heart conversation with someone you trust – Check in with people and talk about how you are feeling, not just what is happening in your life. Rather really speak from your heart about how the happenings in your life are impacting you emotionally. Then give them the space to do the same. 

Emotional wellness is an important part of our whole being as humans. So often they seem to occur on the side, pushed there by our business. If you are in the place where you’ve set aside your emotions I hope you will use this week to reconnect through these restful practices. Be sure to come next week, as I highlight how to imply rest for our financial wellness. 

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