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Anti-Racism, Doing the Work

Clouds in the sky with the text: "Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better." - Maya Angelou

I had a few other posts lined up, but for the last few weeks it did not feel right to post about social norms about mask wearing or how harmful the mentality of “all or nothing” is for wellness (those posts are still coming) but black people are still fighting for their lives to matter. Not more than others, but just to matter.

I know that I benefit as white person in a society of systemic racism. I know that some of my views are heavily impacted by biases that I learn because of this system. Recently, the #BlackLivesMatter movement has reaffirmed that I still have a lot of education and work to do in the world of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity. I know that I have contributed and benefited from a racist system, I know that I haven’t always treated others with inclusion and equity. Does that mean that I am just a bad person with no chance of growth, education, and change?

No, it means that I still have work to do. When we are working on ourselves for moments of growth, we have to give ourselves some grace to mess it up. Without the ability to be open to feedback from others, you risk never understanding where you’ve step in it. You cannot make a change if you do not know or recognize the problem first. Once you know better you can commit to being better.

Knowing that I still have work of my own to do and that one of my skill strengths is facilitation I am creating a conversation group for us to come together and learn more. I also have the privilege of working in a profession that gives me ample time and space to address issues of social injustice, but I know that this is not true for everyone and I want to offer a space for those who are looking for support in their own anti-racism work. This group will be held on Wednesdays 8pm – 9pm (Eastern) through zoom for 5 weeks, starting July 8th. Each discussion will be based on an article, movie, or documentary that participants will read/watch in advance. My hope is to encourage continued education and to help other white people recognize their own biases and how they impact the continued systemic racism in our country.

Considering that I am still very much a work in progress on this topic, I have reached out to a dear friend of mine to help us. Dr. Aimee Glocke, Associate Professor, Africana Studies, California State University – Northridge will join us for our first and our last discussion sessions. This will help us start with some solid education and close with some clear take away points on how to take our conversations to those around us. If you have any questions please let me know at  

If you are interested in joining the group, please sign up here by July 7th: Registration Form

DateDiscussion Resource and Topic
July 8, 2020Introduction – Racism, Prejudice, Biases, and the Power of Language with Dr. Aimee Glocke
July 15, 2020Systemic Racism in the Justice System – 13th/Ava Duvernay/2016 – Netflix  
July 22, 2020Weaponizing Emotions and Racism –  
July 29, 2020Privilege –  
August 5, 2020Conversations about Racism and Group Closing with Dr. Aimee Glocke

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