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Reframe Your New Year

We all have stories we tell ourselves; some bring us confidence while others may hold us back. These stories often identify beliefs that we hold about who we are as a human. They come from a variety of places, how we were raised, our education, our sex, our race, our identity, and the social constructs in which we live in. But they are not always accurate, if fact they are rarely accurate.

The voice that is led by fear, impostor syndrome, and limitations is behind the stories that hold us back. Recently this voice had continued to try to send me the message “you’re not ready” the reframe I have been using is “I am in a development phase.”  We are all always in a development phase because we are always learning, growing, evolving, and adjusting as humans.

As we move into the new year you may be considering what resolutions you would like to set for yourself. What it we reframed your new year’s resolutions to be a commitment to yourself. To get a start on considering your investment in yourself, spend some time reflecting on the following questions:

  • How are you going to invest in yourself this upcoming year?
  • What would your life to look one year from now, if you said yes to all opportunities of self-investment?
  • What goals can you set now that would get you there?
  • What lies do you tell yourself that hold you back from reaching those goals.

After reflecting on those questions what commitments will you make to yourself? Try to not use the mindset of setting goals, but frame these as a commitment to yourself. It can be a commitment to a new daily practice, a weekly class, a new educational program, or to invest in yourself through coaching. Your commitments to yourself can change and should change as you achieve the vision you have for yourself.

I would love to hear about your commitments to yourself for this next year – drop a comment below or email me directly at

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