Summer Solstice – Reset and Recovery Week Two Social Rest

Last week, I proposed that as we officially enter our summer that we strive for an intentional “do nothing” summer. That it is not that we have nothing to do but rather that we intentionally rest. Over the next 6 weeks, I will be writing about ways that we can intentionally rest and use our #SummerReset and #SummerRecovery using the 6 important areas of wellness: Physical, Social, Emotional, Financial, Intellectual, and Spiritual. Be sure to read last week’s post on Physical Rest!

In week two we are thinking about how we take intentional rest for our Social Wellness. Our Social Wellness incorporates how we interact and connect with other humans. This includes the level of engagement that you need to feel most well socially. Here are 4 key ways that you can take intentional rest for your social well-being. 

  • Schedule some Alone Time – Create space for you to be by yourself some time this week. You may choose to wake up a little early to have your home to yourself before everyone else wakes up. Maybe you schedule a meeting for yourself at work before you end your day to self-reflect and journal before you finish your work. I love taking myself out on a date, I usually take myself to lunch to have a meal I enjoy. It is important to take the time to be on your own, even better if you avoid jumping onto a social media platform during this time. Try reading, journaling, listening to a podcast, or music. 
  • Increased Time with People Who Nourish You – Think about the people that after you spend time with them you feel energized, refreshed, happy, and appreciated. Reach out to them this week and find some time to meet with them, chat with them on the phone, or video chat. Don’t set an end time, let the conversation flow freely. 
  • Decrease Time with People Who Deplete You – As you intentionally increase time with those who nourish you, you also want to identify those people who drain and deplete you. Make a list of the people or things that drain your energy. Create a plan to spend less time with them or set intentional recovery time after you are around them. 
  • Take a Break From Social Media – Scrolling through everyone’s highlight reel can be draining and create feelings of guilt or isolation. Take a break and instead use that time to connect with people face to face, over the phone, or over video. Talk about everything you are currently experiencing and feeling, resist the urge to only chat about your life’s highlights. 

Be sure to come next week, as I highlight the importance of rest for our emotional wellness. Not sure how to start and need support? Schedule a complimentary 30-minute audit now!

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