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Summer Solstice – Reset and Recovery Week Six Spiritual Rest

As we conclude my series for an intentionally restful summer, I have enjoyed bringing these ideas on how we can better rest based on each of the six areas of wellness. For our final week of #SummerReset and #SummerRecovery I am focusing on Spiritual Rest. Be sure to read the last post on Intellectual Rest!

Spiritual wellness encompasses our connection to something that is larger than ourselves. For many people may include religious practices and rituals, prayer, meditation, gratitude, being out in nature, or exploring the vastness of the universe through science. Rest in this case is more in line with reconnection. Often in our busyness of life we let these practices and rituals slide and our spirituality is always there to greet us when we come back. Here are 5 ways that you can rest and reconnect to your Spiritual Wellness. 

  • Try a new mediation or affirmation – Sometimes our prayers, meditations, or affirmations can become repetitive and lose meaning or connection to our spirituality. Trying new phrasing or a small adjustment to your routine can bring back that connection. Here is one to try: “I ask for forgiveness from all those whom I may have wronged and forgive all those who may have wronged me. All is well.”
  • Volunteer to serve others who are in need  – Serving those who are in need helps us connect to our gratitude, our community, and humanity. This helps us connect to the greater good in the world. “Service of humanity is practical divinity.” ― Abhijit Naskar, Fabric of Humanity
  • Spend time in your spiritual space  – Where do you feel most connected to your spirituality? You may not have a space. I encourage you to create one for yourself. For me it’s my back deck, there I can connect with nature and the universe. I love walking out there at night to stargaze and breathe. 
  • Go on a Nature Walk – Get outside and enjoy time with nature. Go for a hike, a walk, choose a new trail, aim to be fully present during this time. No music or phone, just take in the sounds and sensations around you. (TIP: This one works for all six areas of wellness, so grab a friend and get outside.)
  • Read a spiritual text or listen to a spiritual podcast  – Or reconnect with a text or podcast that connected you to your spirituality. It may be a religious text or a book like The Secret or Four Agreements. Not sure where to start? Think about your most spiritual friend. Reach out to them, tell them that you admire their spirituality and ask for their recommendations. 

Spiritual Wellness is an important part of our whole being as humans. When we have disconnected from our spirituality we start to feel lost. Use this week of rest to reconnect. 

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