Picture of a hammock hanging between trees in a backyard with a banner at the top reading Summer Solstice - Summer Reset and Recovery
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Summer Solstice – Reset and Recovery

A recent article in Psychology Today highlights the importance to “do nothing” this summer. Stress is still high in the US. According to recent studies, 84% of adults reported feeling at least one emotion associated with prolonged stress in the prior two weeks. The most common were feelings of anxiety (47%), sadness (44%), and anger… Continue reading Summer Solstice – Reset and Recovery

Life Lessons, Wellness

Reframe Your New Year

We all have stories we tell ourselves; some bring us confidence while others may hold us back. These stories often identify beliefs that we hold about who we are as a human. They come from a variety of places, how we were raised, our education, our sex, our race, our identity, and the social constructs… Continue reading Reframe Your New Year